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Broken Heals

Everything changes when you decide to take over your own healing.


I was alone inside an empty room that appeared to be my room inside my home. It looked the same, but no one was home except me. It was dark outside from the overcast created by the storm clouds. The sky was rumbling with warning signs of something malevolent. I saw the funnel forming in the clouds and immediately felt fear growing inside my chest. I ran to warn my family but still I couldn’t find anyone. This was my house but where is everyone? It was eerily quiet. I was all alone.

The tornado touched down howling. The core had to be about a mile wide. I had nowhere to go as it appeared to be coming straight toward my house. I ran and grabbed the mattress from the twin sized bunk bed in the boys’ room and used that to cover myself in the bathtub. Our bathroom was in the center of the house. I’d remembered from being the meteorologists on the morning announcements at Croissant park that it was best to go to the most centralized location of the house away from any windows. The tornado was getting louder and closer. I closed the bathroom door and covered my entire body inside the tub. The tornado was ripping the walls off our house brick by brick. It tore off the roof. It’s like it was coming for me. I wanted to see it.

I peeked out from underneath the mattress and saw that the tornado hovering above my head, but I wasn’t afraid. I felt a sense of peace. It was a beautiful disaster just like me. It had destroyed my entire home except for the room that I was in leaving the bathroom untouched. I felt an uncanny connection to the storm. I closed my eyes and exhaled as I prepared to be lifted into the heavens along with the remanence of what was once my home. And then silence… it was gone.


James Kirby

This is an amazing book. A must read

Anna D.

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